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carpet shampooing – how to shampoo carpet

There are three main ways of shampooing a carpet. One is to get down OH your hands and knees and scrub the carpet. The second is to use a push-along shampoo applicator. The easiest and quickest way is to use an electric shampoo polisher, with a non-rinse shampoo. Whichever method you use, bear in mind […]

roof insulation types for any homes

Various materials are available for roof insulation. Talk to an ironmonger who stocks a good range, and ask his advice about how much will be needed for your home. Take along rough measurements of your loft-you can measure the ground floor from front to back and side to side as a guide. Arrange to have […]

rain gutter repair | leaks and overflow

Various rain gutter repair problems can develop with a rainwater disposal system. These are the more common ones. Overflowing gutters One of the commonest reasons a gutter overflows is that it has become blocked, perhaps by dirt, leaves (in the autumn) or a bird‘s nest (in spring). The solutions is straight forward   look for and […]

sheet cladding – wall cladding sheets

Sheet cladding, since it is based on hardboard or plywood, comes with a maximum length of 2440mm (8 ft). It is not suitable for rooms with a ceiling height greater than that dimension. There are two ways in which it can be fixed. The first is to in framework of battens to which the sheets […]

rain gutter installation guide and instruction

A manual containing detailed rain gutter installation guide and instruction can be obtained from a supplier or manufacturer. The general procedure is to install the gutters first — all else will be governed by the position of the outlets to the downpipes. To pinpoint this position, drop a plumb line from the gutter to the […]