carpet shampooing – how to shampoo carpet

carpet shampooingThere are three main ways of shampooing a carpet. One is to get down OH your hands and knees and scrub the carpet. The second is to use a push-along shampoo applicator. The easiest and quickest way is to use an electric shampoo polisher, with a non-rinse shampoo. Whichever method you use, bear in mind the following points:

(a) Whenever possible, carpets should be shampooed in dry weather (a warm breezy day is ideal), or when the room is heated.

(b) Check colour-fastness by applying some shampoo solution to a small area of the carpet and rub with a white cloth. If colour is fast there should be no evidence of colour on the cloth.

(c) Move as much furniture as possible from the carpet, and do not replace until carpet is dry. If it is necessary to leave any heavy furniture in the room, it is advisable to prepare pads of paper or foil to place under the legs to save unnecessary marking of the carpet when wet, and to avoid rust stains from metal castors.

(d) Clean carpet thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner to remove all dust, dirt and Huff.

(e) Remember that though dirt and water-soluble stains can be removed, with the shampoo, some stains, such as ink and fruit, sometimes cannot be removed by the shampoo, and may in fact only become apparent when the carpet has been shampood

(f) Remove grease spots with a dry-cleaning fluid such as carbon tetrachloride.

(g) Always start to shampoo as far away from the door as possible, so that when working towards the door it is not necessary to walk on the carpet it is still wet.

(h) As each section of the carpet is shampooed, brush the carpet lightly the direction of the ‘lay’ of the pile. Use a long-handled brush, or better the brush and extension tubes of a vacuum cleaner.

(i) Leave to dry overnight (if possible) before standing on the carpet.

Do choose a proper carpet shampoo.
Do not use a detergent designed for washing clothes, dishes or hard surfaces colour bleeding could result.
DO follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly, preferably using the re- commended shampoo brush.
DO NOT allow the carpet to become too saturated.
DO rinse thoroughly, if the shampoo instructions require this.

When using a shampoo applicator with either the push-along or electric type there is far less danger of saturating the carpet, especially since no rinsing is necessary.
The foam which is laden with all the dirt from the carpet dries on the surface, and is easily brushed away once the carpet is dry.
Clean every day for about a week with a vacuum cleaner to remove the shampoo crystals, for it is then that the benefit of shampooing becomes fully evident. The electric shampoo appliance is, of course, by far the most effortless of the three methods (and has the added bonus that you can also use it for polishing and scrubbing).