cleaning carpet stains – removing carpet stains

If something is spilled or trodden into the carpet, prompt attention usually takes care of them completely. If the damage is severe, however, call in a carpet-cleaning expert and tell him what substance caused the stain and the
kind of cleaning agent already applied.

carpet stains, red wine stains

Method A
DRY-CLEANING using dry—cleaning solvents (carbon tetrachloride or trichlorethylene). Apply with an absorbent cloth. Rub gently, starting at the outer edge of the stain and working towards the centre. Change and remoisten the surface of the cleaning cloth frequently. Mop or blot well between each application. Note: Dry-cleaning solvents should be used with care on carpets with
rubber or plastic backings.

Method B
WET CLEANING using synthetic liquid detergents. There are a number of suitable non-alkaline detergents. Prepare a lukewarm solution according to the maker’s instructions. Apply the lather with a sponge or an absorbent cloth and mop or blot off. Repeat until the stain is removed or there is no further benefit. Repeat this action with clear water and leave the pile sloping correctly. Do not allow the carpet to become saturated; allow a good deal of drying time to avoid possibility of mildew forming. Wherever possible, lift the carpet of the floor so that the air can circulate freely through the backing. Do not replace furniture until l carpet has dried. Removing liquids. Use clean, absorbent, undyed cotton cloth or white blotting paper to remove as much of the spilled liquid as possible. Act quickly. Removing semi-solids or greasy substances. Scrape off with a spoon or the back of a knife.


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