flat roof repair tips – how to fix flat roof leak

Most flat roof repair tips should pose few difficulties, but the complete refelting of the main roof of a house is a big job and not one to be undertaken lightly. Just as with pitched roofs, you cannot assume that the source of a leak in a flat roof is immediately above a damp patch on a ceiling. Water can run a long way on top of the ceiling before finding a way down. Climb on to the roof to inspect it. The fault might be a local one. For instance, you could discover one or more thin cracks. Seal these with mastic sold for such a purpose at builders’merchants. If you notice bubbles, these are caused when moisture has penetrated underneath the felt and is warmed by sunshine. The moisture expands, and forces the felt upwards, forming the bubble. To remove a bubble, make two cuts across each other, and peel back the four sections formed. Leave them for a short while to make sure all the moisture has evaporated, so this job should be done during warm weather. Bed the felt back in place in a bitumastic compound. Press the cut felt down well, apply more compound on top, then sprinkle on a few chippings.

Flat Roof Repair tips

Holes in the felt can be repaired, provided that you can get hold of offcuts of felt — by no means easy, because it is sold by the roll. Cut a piece of felt about 50 mm bigger all round than the hole. Bed it in bitumastic compound, apply more compound on top, and add a few chippings. Leaky felt may bear no obvious signs of damage. In old faded felt, the likely cause of flat roof leak is porosity which requires waterproofing. At its simplest this consists of the application of a waterproofing liquid, of the type supplied by the companies that specialize in damp-repellents. A more thorough treatment involves bedding a reinforcing membrane in the liquid. These materials are sold at builders’merchants and DIY stores. Clean the roof thoroughly with a stiff brush. If there is any moss or lichen present, scrape it off and apply a fungicide. Ensure that no debris falls into a downpipe, for it might Cause a blockage: to be sure, bung up the top of the pipes. Give the roof a close inspection for small cracks. If you spot any, treat them as already described, then carry out the waterproofing.


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