Glass roof panels

glass roof panelsBesides the materials already discussed in connection with pitched and flat roofs, there are various kinds of glass and plastic roofs. Conservatories, verandas and many types of lean to often have glass roof panels. For purposes of repair and maintenance, these are generally treated as though they were horizontal or sloping windows. Such roofs are prone to excessive heat loss, and they promote condensation. In fact, the condensation can be so severe – with water dripping down continually s that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between condensation and a leak. The best way to be sure is to observe when it happens. Leaks will occur only during rain; condensation can happen during cold, dry, as well as wet, weather.

To carry out a diagnosis in warm, dry weather pour a little water on the suspect spot and see if it comes through. Besides replacing the roof, there is little that can be done about the condensation, or the lack of insulation. In any event, such glass structures have undoubted advantages, and are part of the period charm of older houses. Leaks can be cured. Keep the putty in good condition. It and the glazing bars should be well painted. Make sure the paint goes beyond the putty and on to the glass by 3mm in a neat line all round to effects a good seal. If leaks persist, a tape is available to seal off the joins between glasses and frames. Be wary of climbing on to a glass roof panels. Usually the glazing bars are simply not strong enough to support a person’s weight. Place scaffold boards, which you can hire, across the roof so that they rest on the wall of the structure at each end. If the strength of the wall is in doubt, the scaffold board should rest on a large stepladder at each end. Take care not to overbalance, or step off the plank. Even if the roof is strong enough to support you, do not put your weight on the glass roof panels.

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